Can Normal UV Printers Be Used for UV DTF Printing?



UV DTF printing is a supplement to the application of UV flat printing.

Both machines are adaptable. The UV machine only needs to add a laminating machine to complete the UV DTF printing.

What is UV printing, and How does it work?

A supplement to the application of UV flat printing. It is also a supplement to the label printing industry. This includes Screen Printing, Gravure Printing, and Letterpress Printing.

UV DTF is a new type of crystal label printing method.

First, the glue, white ink, and color ink are layered on special release paper (A film) to make patterns, trademarks, etc.

Then, a transfer film covers the inks.

Next, the transfer film (B film) lifts the pattern and sticks it to the surface of an object.

This process is a new type of self-adhesive label. It is decorative, hollow, and has a 3D feel.

Difference Between UV DTF & UV

UV DTF Printing

  • Print on film–easy for application
  • No pretreatment needed–simplify

UV Printing

  • Print on materials
  • Need pretreatment
  • the process and save time


All in all, UV DTF is the hottest project in the market now. But it’s not a cure-all. It’s not good for tableware, hot water cups, or other things you eat off of. It’s also not good for rough surfaces, fabrics, clothes, or soft leather.

In addition, in the harsh outdoor environment, there is also a risk of warping and falling off. You can’t scrape too hard. After all, it’s just a sticker way.

In mass production, labeling is done by hand. There are errors in the label positioning.

So, the product must meet strict consistency standards. The crystal label is more like an art ornament.

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