24″ DTF Printer Bundle Epson I3200 Dual Head & Powder Shaking Machine | Linko A602 & H654 – Comprehensive DTF Printing Solution

Economical and Intelligent High-Performance DTF 24″ Printer & Shaker Solution

Model Number A602+H654

  1. Three-in-one Advanced(competitive) DTF 60cm Printer&Shaker Solution: Economical/Intelligent/Efficient
  2. Computer bracket: saves space and is easy to use
  3. Automatic Moisturizing Device: Regularly supply moisturizing liquid to protect the nozzle for prolonging lifetime and saving cost
  4. Waste Ink Alarm: Avoid ink flowing out of the full bottle
  5. Ink Shortage Alarm: remind to add ink
  6. Powder shaker built with automatic powder recycle system, saving labour cost and material.