Return & Refund Policy

Apply For A Refund Of The Deposit After The Deposit Has Been Paid

  • It is stipulated that the deposit must be sent in writing to the following email address: [email protected] within 3 days of receiving the deposit for confirmation and application for refund. If no email is sent, it will be deemed invalid.
    Refund handling fee: bank handling fee and 3% penalty of the total amount.
  • Apply for a refund more than 5 days later. The deposit will not be refunded.

Apply For A Return Or Exchange Agreement After The Goods Arrive

  • Buyers cannot apply for a refund unless the transportation company is delayed for more than 60 days or due to force majeure.
  • If the goods are damaged during transportation, the buyer and seller can bear liability for losses during transportation according to the export terms, such as who is responsible for purchasing and claiming cargo insurance.
  • If the return or exchange is caused by the seller’s error or goods quality problems, the buyer should provide proof of damage or damage to the goods, such as photos, videos, or other relevant evidence. The seller shall bear the shipping costs incurred for the return or exchange.
  • If the return or exchange is caused by the buyer himself, all return shipping costs will be borne by the buyer (including import and export taxes, transportation fees, and other duties).
  • Keep the goods in their original condition before returning or exchanging them, with all original tags, packaging, and accessories attached. If the goods have been used, damaged, or altered, the seller may refuse to return or exchange the goods.
  • If there are any problems with the product, please submit a refund application by email to [email protected] within seven days. The buyer should provide proof of the problem with the goods, such as photos, videos, or other relevant evidence, to ensure timely processing. Refunds cannot be applied for after 7 days.
  • No refund or return is allowed 30 days after the product arrives.

Refund Method

  • The buyer can choose the method of refund, such as returning to the original payment account, bank account or other agreed methods.
  • The seller should complete the refund procedure within 14 days after receiving the return and confirming that it meets the return conditions.

Packaging Requirements For Returned Products

  • Buyers should try to put the goods back into the original packaging, including boxes, bags, protective materials, etc. Original packaging can provide extra protection and ensure a smooth return process. Provide photos, packing list, invoice, and other import and export information.
  • Returned products should carry all original tags, tags, and accessories. These tags and accessories are critical for sellers to process.
  • Returned products should be kept clean and hygienic. If the product becomes dirty or contaminated during use, the buyer should make every effort to clean it and ensure that it appears in good condition.
  • Returned products should be intact and not used or damaged. If the product needs to be opened or used, please be sure to restore it to the same condition as when you received it.
  • If the above terms are not met, the seller has the right not to return or exchange the goods.