Are you the manufacturer of the printers or the distributor?

We are the printers manufacturer in China. Learn more about us.

Yes, we have distributors in both Europe and America, specializing in machines that offer customized appearances. Contact us to view images of customized machines.

While we have distributors in Europe and the USA, we do not have a technical support team in these countries. But don’t worry, we offer full online support.

We offer comprehensive online support, and our technicians are fluent in English. They are available for video/audio calls or messages. We’ve established an effective online technical service system, especially important in the post-COVID-19 era, which includes:

  • Video tutorials and operation lists
  • Flexible technical working hours
  • Advance dispatch of operational information
  • Software usage tutorial videos
  • Online guidance during installation
  • Complimentary technical training (visiting our factory for training is highly recommended for a complete learning experience).

The printer and the powder shaker are packaged separately, but assembly is straightforward.

We offer Epson XP600, i1600, and i3200 printheads. Based on your needs, we recommend the i3200 printhead for the highest quality DTF printing.

Our products include Print Factory, Photo Print, Maintop and more. Print Factory is recommended for its superior print accuracy and ink efficiency, saving up to 20% on ink.

It supports white background dosing control for dark designs and a comprehensive workflow that includes design nesting and auto-cutting on film, although some cutters may require their software.

You can use different RIP software; however, we recommend ours for optimal color accuracy. Each software and machine configuration is accompanied by an ICC profile to ensure compatibility with our ink-machine system.

We offer a full range of printing solutions, including inks, gels, and films. Film: 45-50usd/roll (31cm*100m); ink: 19-22usd/kg. Contact us and we will send you a detailed price list of consumables and machines.

We recommend not using consumables from other suppliers to ensure maintenance support and quality assurance.

If you regularly replenish the inventory of consumables, the cycle is very fast. The items can be shipped 5-7 days after receiving the payment. Therefore, it would be perfect if you could provide a stocking plan after your cooperation.

Yes, our printers are CE and/or UL-certified. We will send you a CE file for verification, contact us today.

An integrated humidifier is available upon request.

Yes, the system includes white ink circulation.

For wholesale prices, please contact [email protected] and send us the products and quantities you are interested in to get a quote.


The printer mainboard, headband, and motor have a 12-month warranty for non-human damages, and the consumables have an 18-month warranty.


  1. At present, we have successfully carried out remote services for more than 30,000 customers, and have been well received.
  2. There is no need to worry about jet lag. We can provide services according to your time needs.
  3. We will arrange for three professional technical engineers to serve you professionally.
  4. If you use our consumables, you will get a lifetime of technical service from LINKO.

LINKO offers the following shipping methods:

1. Sea Freight to Port: It is best for shipping goods over one cubic meter (cbm). It is ideal for customers with import/export experience. This option has the lowest shipping cost.
2. Sea Freight to Door: This option is suitable for shipping more than 100 kilograms of goods. We handle customs clearance and delivery, which is great for customers without import experience.
3. Air Freight to Airport: It’s great for urgent shipments over 100 kilograms. It’s for customers with import/export experience. This method is fast and cost-effective.
4. Express Delivery to Door: Perfect for goods under 100 kilograms or urgent shipments. It’s the fastest option.
5. Rail Transport: Best for non-liquid and non-powder products, applicable for Europe and Russia. Offers stable transit times.

We use PrintFactory software. If you’re more comfortable with other software, we can provide that, too, but we recommend PF more.

Yes, we will provide you with a complete printing solution.
Our inks and films have been tested for a long time and will have the best results and stability when used with machines.

Generally, the machine order will be shipped within 7-15 days after payment. Consumables orders will be shipped 3-5 days after payment.

Consider the size of your user base and the level of experience with DTF printers.
If you are a sole user or a small studio and are not familiar with DTF printers, you should choose a model that is simple to use. Such as L402.

For medium to large enterprises or experienced professionals, more advanced models can be considered to meet higher printing needs and quality requirements. For example, the A602, B802, A6044, or B8044.

Sure, it will be a pleasure. You could emasil us and tell us the size you want to print.

Maintop/PP Flexi/Print factory to your option, but 85% of our customers choose Print factory because it is more user-friendly and has a high color matching restoration.

The more experience a technician has, the better. However, 50% of our customers do not have any UV DTF printing experience. Now, they can handle it very well because we have the most professional technicians to help you and the longest after-sale service time until you totally learn how to operate and maintain it. 

Do not worry about this part. We have a detailed manual for maintenance daily, weekly, monthly, and on holidays. 

To make sure customers can easily sell and use our products. We provide comprehensive/full-process support services, including Detailed product manuals, video tutorials, and remote video conferencing services. 

What’s more important is that technicians can speak English directly and communicate more efficiently. This way, customers can independently complete product installation, maintenance, and replacement parts. 

Do you have WeChat/WhatsApp? After we build cooperation, we will build a one-to-one technician/after-sale service group for you to install, operate, and maintain printers. 

XP600: 250usd/pcs; I1600U1: 715usd/pcs

No, you need to buy an extra UV flatbed printer to print on bottles. If you need one, we could recommend one. 

Print speed and print height (if the machine can print directly on items)
 The speed is 3㎡/hour in most HD modes; this roll-to-roll printer can not directly print on items.