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Linko is a leading manufacturer of dye sublimation printers in China. We specialize in wholesale sublimation printers. This includes Epson large format sublimation printers.

Discover the World’s Best Commercial DTF Printer Supplier

Why is the LINKO DTF Printer Best For Beginners?

  • The print head’s bottom plate has an innovative design. You do not need to adjust the angle and height calibration after installing the print head.
  • Automatic paper feeding function. It adopts a dual power feeding device and a tension rod. These ensure that the film/paper stays flat during printing. They improve printing accuracy.
  • An automatic lift lever makes material loading more convenient and faster.
    Computer monitor mounting bracket.
  • Built-in computer monitor bracket, user-friendly and save space.
DTF Printer LINKO H654

DTF Oven & Shaker Combo: Improve Your Productivity

  • Automatic conveyor belt and double drying tunnel.
  • Upgrade color screen with new touch operation system.
  • The new powder sprinkling design is upgraded. It solves the slow down of coarse powder and the fast down of fine powder. It also stops holes from plugging when the powder is damp.
  • The latest automatic powder recycling function is cleaner and more thorough.

What Can You Print with DTF Machines?

Wondering which DTF Printers are amazing? Linko offers different printers such as DTF transfer printers and DTF printer bundles. The range is full of limitless creative possibilities. 

DTF printer application

DTF printing has gained popularity in areas like custom clothing and home decoration. This is because of its high resolution, color saturation, and ability to print on many materials. 

DTF Works With All Kinds of Garments:

  • T-shirts
  • Sports Uniforms
  • Company Dress Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Polos
  • Backpacks
  • Aprons
  • Flags

What Fabrics Can DTF Machines Print On?

  • Combed Cotton
  • Ring Spun Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Polyesters
  • Blended Fabrics
  • Poly-Cottons
  • Tri-Blends
  • Polyester-Spandex

LINKO After-Sales Service: Committed to Your Success

LINKO places great emphasis on after-sales support and service. When you buy a LINKO printer, you’ll get a one-year warranty on core parts. You’ll also get lifetime technical support.

Even after the warranty ends, you can still contact us for help. It’s for any printing problems you may have.

Our strong and professional after-sales technical team is the source of our confidence.

We have over 30 technical support staff. They work in 24-hour shifts, 7 days a week. We are always ready to help you solve any problems you may have.

LINKO Service-Online Remote Control

Online Remote Control

With powerful internet technology, we can easily achieve low-latency online service no matter where you are in the world.

We can help you set up all the parameters you need for printing by accessing your computer. “Buy, print, and make money” is that simple.

Local Technical Support

While the internet benefits after-sales technical service, it also limits it. Therefore, LINKO is also of great importance to localized service.

We researched many national and regional markets. We learned their unique needs and traits.

LINKO has established a comprehensive network of localized service centers around the world. Provide the most comprehensive technical services.

LINKO Service-Local Technical Support

Product Training Service

We will provide detailed and pro technical documents. We will also provide technical videos and other files stored in the cloud. They will cover how to install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the equipment.

You can access them anytime to get the content you need. We will also hold regular live broadcasts to share common technologies and the latest industry information with you in one hour.

Regular Follow-up on Customer Usage

LINKO will regularly check how customers’ printers are used. This is to stay aware of any problems you may encounter, big or small. Professional warranty service ensures you have no worries after sale.

The goal is to keep the printer working and you in a good mood.

LINKO Service-Regular Follow-up on Customer Usage


For beginners, we provide a detailed DTF printer buying guide and UV DTF printer buying guide.

⁤Make the selection of a printer that best suits your business. ⁤⁤This will depend on what you have planned and need.

⁤⁤In addition, there is a short description of each type of printer. ⁤It includes things to consider when choosing a printer. ⁤

1. DTF printer: ⁤

DTF printers can print on various materials like cotton, polyester, etc. ⁤⁤They produce very high-resolution color prints. ⁤

But, this tech is new. The equipment can be costly and needs special pigments and powders.

⁤If you need good-quality printing on different types of materials, then a DTF printer might be the thing for you.

2. UV DTF printer: ⁤

UV DTF Printers combine UV printing technology with DTF technology. The output has a 3D look with a raised effect for printing. It’s water-proof to sunlight and strong enough to withstand rough handling. It’s also long-lasting and durable. It can make high-resolution images on most materials.

Printing costs can go higher because more expensive equipment and special UV inks and powders are needed here.

If you need vibrant colors plus durability in multilingual prints from a wide range of materials that require high resolution, you could try using a UV DTF Printer.
If you need durable printing on various materials, while requiring high resolution and vivid colors, a UV DTF printer may be a good choice.

3. Sublimation printer:

Sublimation printers work on textiles and polyester-coated materials. They deliver high-res, long-lasting images with rich colors.

It is only suitable for polyester-coated materials and not for fibers such as cotton.

If you mainly print on polyester-coated materials, a Sublimation printer may be ideal.

Your printing equipment cost can be reduced if you consider the following: 

1. Cut ink or powder costs:

Choose a printer with high efficiency and low consumable use. This will reduce printing costs.

2. Increase productivity:

Acquiring efficient equipment will help to reduce costs per item. 

3. Regular maintenance: 

By servicing and cleaning the machine, you extend its working life. In addition, this helps in reducing repair expenses. 

4. Personnel training: 

Make sure that operators are well-acquainted with the functioning of any equipment. They should also take care of it to minimize mistakes and breakdowns. 

In light of these factors, it is better to purchase a printer according to business needs while reducing expenditures. 

We provide detailed user manuals and guide videos. Also, our experienced technicians speak fluent English. They can help you install, calibrate, and maintain your printer (one-to-one online service).

Our machine warranty parts are the motherboard and motor; the warranty period is one year. The shelf life is one year if the consumables are unopened. We have the most comprehensive warranty service.

The speed and the color scheme are different.

XP600 3-6months, I3200 10-12months, 4720 10-12months.

Reliable DTF &UV DTF Printer Supplier

Are you wondering where to find the cheapest DTF printers? They’re definitely from China. At Linko, you can get all the machines and consumables you need.

You are in search of a supplier who can offer a comprehensive setup for DTF&UV DTF. This kind of printing should be characterized by high quality, brilliant colors and prints which last long enough.

There are DTF printers and their consumables, UV DTF printers, dye-sub printers as well as other transfer machines provided by Linko. We remain online from pre-purchase technical guidance up to after sale services.

Our resolution? Always make sure that you have a wonderful shopping experience.

What is the secret of business success? Get customers coming back time after time.

Our objective is not just to make sales but to establish long-term relationships with you. We appreciate your confidence and hope to serve you on a long-term basis.

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