What is the Best DTF Printer for Startups?


Hey there! I’m Ted, an engineer from a Chinese DTF Printer manufacturer. I’m here to walk you through the exciting world of DTF printing, specially tailored for startups. Let’s get started by understanding what DTF printing is all about.

How does DTF Printing Work?

T-shirt designs using DTF Printer

DTF stands for Direct to Film. It’s a straightforward process. First, you print a design onto a DTF film. Then, you transfer it onto clothing with a heat www. It’s innovative, efficient, and gaining traction fast.

What Factors Should a Startup Consider When Choosing a DTF Printer?

When selecting a DTF printer, startups should focus on several key aspects:

  1. Printer Size: The size of the printer determines the size of the custom prints you can produce. You can’t upgrade this part later. The mainstream market offers two sizes: 12 inches and 24 inches.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: For startups, getting the best value for money is crucial. A reasonable price combined with stable service support makes for a good start.
  3. Long-Term Support for DTF Printing Consumables and Spare Parts: Beyond the printer itself, the consumables and spare parts are key. They significantly determine print quality. So, their long-term stable support is vital.
  4. DTF Printing Guidance and Operational Training: Having training support can prevent many issues and streamline the printing process.
  5. Printer Warranty and Stable Technical Support: Having a warranty and good tech support is key. They are vital for smooth operation and upkeep of the printer.

Two of the Best DTF Printers for Startups

Linko L402 – A3 DTF Printer Epson i1600 Dual Head


Product Features:

  • Configure dual-head Epson i1600 for high-speed printing.
  • Touchscreen control, front and rear arc heating platform suction, LED lights.
  • Suitable for maximum format 33CM PET hot stamping printing.

Linko A602 – 24″ DTF Printer Epson i3200 Dual Head

Product Features:

  • Three-in-one Advanced (competitive) DTF 60cm Printer & Shaker Solution: Economical, Intelligent, Efficient.
  • Equipped with a powder shaker featuring an automatic powder recycle system, reducing labor costs and material usage.

Linko L402 and Linko A602 are two DTF printers are ideal for startups. They are affordable, have good print quality, and have a full range of features. These two products are manufactured in China, offering excellent value for money. They are therefore the best option for startups.


When selecting a DTF Printer, prioritize printer size, consistent supply of quality consumables, budget-friendly pricing, and comprehensive training and after-sales support.

More Advice for Startups: For startups exploring DTF printing, picking a reliable supplier is crucial. Linko is a seasoned DTF printer manufacturer from China. They offer free consultations and ongoing support to help you thrive in your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.