What is UV DTF Printer ?

UV DTF Printer Y-603U

UV DTF is a new type of advertising printing solution, which is a supplement to traditional screen printing and UV/ECO advertising machines and can meet the needs of small batch customization. It is a decorative technology.

The working principle is to print glue, white ink, colourful patterns, and varnish on a special PP release paper layer by layer. It results in transferable logos, trademarks, etc., then covers the transfer film, uses the transfer film to bring up the pattern, and finally attaches to the object’s surface.


Mainly used in advertising signs, gift packaging industry:

Applicable material: smooth glass, ceramic, plastic, cardboard, metal, leather, etc.

Applicable products: notebooks, mobile phone cases, mice, pens, vases, bottles, jars, mugs, packaging boxes, wallets, cushions, U disks, identification cards, advertising signs, house number plates, signboards, etc.

Unlimited size and shape: regular and irregular surfaces that can not be directly printed by UV printers, supporting planes, cylinders, arcs, diamonds, etc., such as cups with cylindrical surfaces, etc.


The main advantages of UV DTF technology are:

  1. Personalized customization, No MOQ limit and no need to open moulds,
  2. Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, not easy to wrinkle,
  3. The process is simple, no plate making, no waste discharge, low odour, green and environmental protection,
  4. Unlimited size and shape, regular and irregular surfaces can be pasted.


But UV DTF is not able to do anything; its limitations are:

  1. Not suitable for rough and soft surfaces, like cloth, clothes, soft leather, etc. It can not bear hard scrape.
  2. Not suitable for surfaces with temperatures higher than 60℃.
  3. In mass production, manual operation is required for labelling, and labour costs increase. Factories/workshops should have strict conformance standard requirements. UV DTF work is more like an art decoration.


The whole package includes:UV DTF Printer、Laminating machine、ink、varnish、AB film(with glue)


Let me introduce the specific product parameters and features to you now.

  1. UV DTF printing and laminating machine all-in-one:

Two-in-one printing: automatic printing and lamination on one machine at the same time. There is no need to purchase an extra laminating machine. It frees hands and improves work efficiency.

  1. Support normal colour printing and gold foil uv dtf printing.
  2. Use THK Japan 2.0 thickened and noise-reduction guide rail; meanwhile, the printing platform is widened by 10cm, and it is equipped with a print head anti-collision system to protect the print heads. The sheet metal is thickened by 2mm, which makes the machine printing run more smoothly.


4. The ink has good fluency and no clogging, and the white ink has strong covering power, which serves as a perfect foil for the colour; the transparent varnish makes the finished product’s surface smooth, shiny, and scratch-resistant.

  1. AB film uses high-quality glue to achieve strong stickiness and easy-to-tear characteristics without residue, and the stickers will not fall off naturally within a year.
  2. Video demonstration


Last but not least, we provide a one-stop station UV DTF printing solution:

  1. Provide full set solution, strictly test product matching for a long time, ensure the stability of printing quality, and ensure all products are traceable to their source.

1v1 technique support after sales, we will guide customers to use the printers from the very beginning.

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