What is DTF Printing?

DTF printer

DTF’s full name is Direct to Film. The printing principle is to print a well-designed pattern on the media film through an inkjet printer and then apply it to the white ink layer with hot melt powder before the dryer cures the film. After that, the pattern is transferred to the cloth through physical heat pressing by a heat press machine.

This scheme is mainly used for pure cotton, which is widely used in T-shirts, pillows, hats, aprons, and other fabrics.

Unlike DTG, which only works on cotton fabrics, or sublimation, which only works on polyester fabrics, the DTF scheme can work on many different garment materials: cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, and both light and dark fabrics.

The transfers can even be applied to different types of surfaces, such as pillows, aprons, luggage, shoes, and caps.

DTF is a new digital textile printing scheme. As a supplement to screen printing, it could 100% meet your customized printing requirements without an MOQ limit.

We offer one-stop DTF printing solutions. The whole product package/assortment includes a DTF printer, powder shaker and dryer machine, smoke purifier, ink, film, and hot melt powder.

LINKO DTF printing finished products are bright and vibrant, and they are fast up to grade 5(grade 5 is the highest), making them the most popular choice for personalized customization.


What is required to print a DTF transfer?

DTF printer:

LINKO printer works with the original Epson XP600/I3200 print head, ensuring fine and high-definition printing performance.

Every printer has a white ink circulation system to prevent ink precipitation and nozzle clogging.

We attach great importance to the efficiency and stability of the printing, so the components adopted, like the main board, guide rail, and motor of the machines, are from top brands in the industry.

LINKO printers apply 2cm height Japan imported THK guide rail, printing platform 10cm wider than standard, and metal plate 2mm thicker than standard, to ensure the machine remains stable while carriage running and a longer service life. Check out our list of DTF printing machines.

Powder Shaker:

An auto conveyor belt can save labor costs and improve working efficiency. The extended heating tunnel prevents oiling and has a better curing effect. A larger cooling system cools down the film quickly, ensuring the consistency of high-speed printing.

Smoke Purifier:

Featuring 3 layers of filters, it will remove oil, smoke, and smell. Service life up to 6~8 months.

We recommend an automated heat press machine with an upper platen that lowers vertically to facilitate the DTF film’s curing process.

Printhead anti-clogging & High fastness DTF ink:

The raw materials we use are from the same Epson ink vendor. They flow fluently, making it difficult to clog the printhead. It is worth mentioning that our white ink is of excellent purity, and its high elasticity effectively prevents the print from cracking even when stretching the garment very hard.

DTF Film:

The transfer rate is up to 99.99%, and the color performance is excellent. Check out DTF transfer films that can be peeled off hot or cold.

DTF Hot Melt Powder:

It acts as an adhesive between the ink and the fibers. We offer a unique powder for DTF printing that is durable enough to withstand more than 100 hand washes, all while keeping the transfer feeling soft.

RIP Software:

We offer Print factory/photoprint/maintop software. Among them, Print Factory is our most recommended software. It has a perfect calibration system and supports multiple languages, cutting down on ink consumption by up to 20% and convenient operation. Moreover, we can make ICC files to meet customers’ requirements in different color printing.

How do you start a DTF Personalized Business?

DTF printing requires little start-up investment and has a short investment payback period, which has benefited many start-up companies. Here is a guide for startups on choosing the best DTF printer.

If you’re already familiar with dye-sublimation printing, DTF is the perfect complementary technology to improve your performance and make your business more profitable.

LINKO provides a complete set of solutions and strictly tests product matching for a long time to ensure the stability of printing quality. All products can be traced to their origin.

We will guide you through using the printer and getting started easily. One-to-one after-sales technical support allows you to have worry-free after-sales. Please share your thoughts with us now!

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