Top 5 UV DTF Printers for Startups in 2024

2024 Top 5 UV DTF Printers for Startups


UV DTF printing technology has become increasingly popular among startups in recent years. Attracted by its versatility and high-resolution effects. It is the first choice for many small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals today.

Choosing the right UV DTF (Direct-to-film) printer has an essential impact on improving production efficiency, printing quality, and reducing cost-effectiveness.

What is UV DTF Printing?

UV DTF (direct-to-film) printing is an innovative technology. It involves the direct application of UV-curable ink to a film substrate. UV DTF printers use ultraviolet light to quickly cure ink, producing vibrant and durable prints on various materials.

Unlike traditional printing methods, UV DTF does not require an intermediate transfer step to paper and can be printed directly onto various materials, including fabrics, ceramics, metals, and glass. This simplifies the printing process and provides versatility across different substrates.

Top 5 Most Popular UV Printers




  • Model and Print Heads: 24″ printer with three Epson i3200 print heads.
  • Control System: Features a Hanson control board, ensuring high stability in operations.
  • Printing Precision: Offers versatile printing resolutions with 720x1200dpi, 720x1800dpi, and 720x2400dpi options.
  • Printing Colors: Supports White (W), CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), and varnish for diverse printing needs.
  • Printing Solution: Comes with a Standard AB Film Printing Solution, suitable for various printing projects.

Pros: Fully featured, reasonably priced, and meets most printing needs.

Cons: You need ample space to place the machine and should also note that regular maintenance is required; the equipment should not be left idle for extended periods.

DTG UVMAX (GEN 3) UV Printer

dtg-uv dtf printer-logo
dtg-UV DTF-Printer


dtgpro’s UVMAX double-head UV printer (3rd generation) has dual print heads, WIMS technology, and a proprietary combination of a fast water cooling system air cooling system to better protect printed objects. The maximum printing resolution can reach 32 passes. It provides business users with a long-lasting, intense color printing experience.

Pros: This machine can quickly print to both white and dark substrates. The printer is relatively small in size, suitable for the limited workspace of startup companies, and the height is adjustable to adapt flexibly to various printing needs. The built-in UV lamp is used to cure UV ink, and it also has a WIMS system, which improves the stability of white ink and provides more durable printing effects for startups.

Cons: Because it has many cumbersome functions, it may not be suitable for beginners. In addition, the machine requires professional maintenance to maintain optimal performance.

Procolored A3 UV Printer

procolored uv dtf printer-logo
procolored A3 UV Printer


Procolored UV Printer A3-PRO is a medium-sized desktop printer with exclusive patented technology and excellent versatility. It specifically adjusts the UV lamp power function to adapt to different printing speeds and printing materials and can print almost any material.

Pros: This printer has a low threshold for operation and is very suitable for beginners. Equipped with an adsorption filtration system to protect internal components. The white ink automatic circulation system is introduced to minimize print head clogging, significantly extend print head life, reduce maintenance costs, and provide stable production efficiency for the company.

Cons: Although the A3-PRO is a mid-sized desktop printer, its print size is still limited and may not meet the needs of some large-size projects. For inexperienced users, it may take some time to master UV printing technology, and there is a specific learning curve.

ColDesi UV 24H3R UV DTF Printer

ColDesi LOGO
ColDesi UV 24H3R printer


ColDesi 24H3R UV DTF machine is a roll-fed UV printer that can directly print UV transfer film transfer and realize full-color digital printing. It has white, color, transparent, and laminating integrated functions. It has print speeds of over 16 linear feet per hour, a print width of 22.5 inches, and is easy to maintain.

Prons: This printer prints all colors in one step without cutting or masking, thus simplifying the production process and improving production efficiency. Compared with flatbed UV printers, the 24H3R can accurately print on surfaces that are not completely flat, expanding creative possibilities. Its durability and ease of operation make it a good choice for startups.

Cons: The initial investment is high, which is a big budget for a startup company. Although it claims to have excellent adhesion, it may not perform as expected on some unique materials, and care needs to be taken in selecting suitable materials.




  • Printhead Options: Equipped with an Epson original authorized printhead, offering choices between XP600 and 1600U1 models, catering to different printing quality requirements.
  • Printing Solutions: Includes a standard AB Film Printing Solution, versatile for various printing applications.
  • Advanced Operation: Features an electric-driven press paper mode and integrated electric laminating, enhancing operational efficiency and ease.
  • Printing Precision: Offers multiple precision modes – XP600 with 6pass at 720×1080 dpi and 8pass at 720×1440 dpi, and 1600U1 with 6pass at 720×1800 dpi and 8pass at 720×2400 dpi, providing flexibility in print quality.
  • Printing Size: Capable of printing up to 30cm, A3, or 12 inches, suitable for a range of medium-sized printing projects.

Pros: Includes a standard AB Film Printing Solution catering to various printing needs. The price is affordable and suitable for entry-level users.

Cons: The printer speed does not support large-scale printing, and the equipment should not be idle for long periods.

Why do Startups Choose UV DTF printers?

UV DTF printing has many advantages over other printing methods.

High Resolution Printing

UV DTF printing excels at delivering high-resolution prints. Making it ideal for creating visually striking prints.


UV DTF printers offer versatility. Whether printing on fabric, plastic, or other materials, it can meet the diverse needs of startups in different industries.

Shorten Production Time

The fast curing properties of UV DTF inks mean short drying times, significantly reducing production times. This is especially beneficial for startups that want to meet tight deadlines and respond quickly to market demands.


UV-cured prints are extremely durable, helping to extend the life of the finished product and customer satisfaction.

Choose the Best UV DTF Printer for your Business

Whether you want to start advertising production or another business, choosing a reliable UV DTF printer manufacturer is especially important. A UV DTF machine is your best choice if your startup involves printing.

But there are too many choices on the market, and many people don’t know how to choose the best UV DTF printer that suits them. To help you make a better choice faster, we have listed the following considerations without being restricted to specific scenarios:

Print quality:

Ensure your printer can deliver high resolution and accurate color to meet your image quality requirements.

Printing speed:

Choose the appropriate printing speed according to your production needs to ensure that large printing batches can be completed efficiently.

Material Compatibility:

Ensure the printer is compatible with the various printing materials you plan to use, such as different types of paper, fabrics, or other specialty materials.

Ease of operation:

Choose an easy-to-operate printer to ensure you and your team can get started easily, increasing productivity.

Supplies costs:

Consider the cost of ink and other supplies the printer uses to add up to the cost over the long term.

Serviceability and support services:

Choose a brand that offers good support services to ensure that the printer is easy to maintain and that you can get timely technical support when needed.

Size and weight:

Consider your printer’s size and weight to ensure it fits your workplace and can be easily moved or installed.

User reviews and word-of-mouth:

Check out reviews from other users to see how a specific printer model performs in real-world use to help you make a more informed choice.


Consider choosing a scalable printer for future business expansion or new technology applications.


When choosing a printer, consider the cost of purchasing the equipment, maintaining it, and consumables to ensure it’s an affordable choice in the long run.


In 2024, startups navigate a dynamic printing technology landscape. UV DTF printers have emerged as powerful tools for efficient, high-quality prints.

The advantages of UV DTF printing, coupled with the top 5 printers highlighted in this article, provide the best printing solutions for startups and small business. It will eventually be integrated into its operational roadmap.

Startups can unlock new possibilities by selecting the right UV DTF printer based on individual needs. It will elevate their printing capabilities in the competitive business environment. If you have any questions about the types and prices of DTF printers and UV DTF printers, please get in touch with DTFLINKO for detailed answers.

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