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DTG vs. DTF: Which Printing Technique Suits Your Needs Best?


Choosing between DTG (Direct-to-Garment) and DTF (Direct-to-Film) hinges on variables like order size, design intricacy, and fabric type. DTG prioritizes comfort and intricate designs, making it suitable for smaller orders. In contrast, DTF provides versatility and cost efficiency, making it a favorable option for batch printing, especially for larger quantities.

Top 5 UV DTF Printers for Startups in 2024

2024 Top 5 UV DTF Printers for Startups

Startups are faced with a wealth of choices in UV DTF printing technology in 2024. This article provides an in-depth evaluation of the Top 5 UV DTF printers currently on the market. Comprehensive comparisons from multiple perspectives including affordability, versatility, superior adhesion, and more provide a comprehensive guide for startups.