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Best UV DTF Printer for Small Business 2024: Unlocking Your Potential


Introduction: Hey there, savvy business owners! Are you on the hunt for the perfect UV DTF printer that’s just right for your small business? Well, you’re in luck. This article is all about finding that perfect match. But first, let’s get a grip on what UV DTF printing is all about – it’s the kind […]

Linko Announces Participation in ITMA Asia 2023, Shanghai


Linko, recognized as a pioneering force in the digital printing industry, is excited to announce its participation in the highly anticipated ITMA Asia 2023. This key event is scheduled to take place from November 19th to 23rd in Shanghai, serving as a crucial meeting point for industry leaders and innovators. At ITMA Asia, Linko will […]

Best DTF Printer for Small Business 2023: Your Ultimate Guide


The Real Talk on DTF Printing for Small Business Owners Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs! Let’s talk about something that’s really catching fire in the small business world – Direct-to-film (DTF) Transfer Printing. If you’re in the T-shirt game or thinking about jumping in, you’ve probably noticed how personalized gear is all the rage these days. […]

DTF Film: A Comprehensive Guide to Usage and Purchase


English Names for DTF Film When discussing DTF Film, you might come across various English terms. Apart from the commonly used “DTF Film“, it’s also referred to as “DTF Transfer Sheets“, “DTF Paper“, “DTF Transfer Paper“, “DTF Sheets“, and “DTF Transfer Film“. The two most widely recognized terms are “DTF Film” and “DTF Transfer Sheets“. […]

DTF Printer: The Definitive Guide

DTF Printer D 602

Introduction Welcome to the world where printing technology is not just evolving but revolutionizing the way we create and customize products. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the trends, you’ve probably heard of DTF printers. They’re the new kids on the block, and they’re making waves. Especially among the Z generation, those tech-savvy youngsters […]

Linko at the 2023 Vietnam International Textile Clothing and Printing Industry Expo

Linko in ITCPE

21st-23rd  September 2023. Looking forward to your attendance!   Linko Makes a Splash at the Vietnam International Expo., Booth No.:1026   From September 21st to 23rd, Linko will participate in the Vietnam International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo. Linko offers one-stop solutions for DTF printers, UV DTF printers, DTG printers, Sublimation printers, and large […]