DTF Film: A Comprehensive Guide to Usage and Purchase


English Names for DTF Film

When discussing DTF Film, you might come across various English terms. Apart from the commonly used “DTF Film“, it’s also referred to as “DTF Transfer Sheets“, “DTF Paper“, “DTF Transfer Paper“, “DTF Sheets“, and “DTF Transfer Film“. The two most widely recognized terms are “DTF Film” and “DTF Transfer Sheets“.

Purpose and Usage of DTF Film

Printed T-shirt production process

DTF Film is a transfer film specifically designed for direct-to-film printing technology. It allows designs to be printed directly onto the film, which can then be heat-pressed onto various materials like T-shirts, hats, shoes, and more. The process of using DTF Film is fairly straightforward: first, print the design onto the DTF Film using specific inks; next, sprinkle DTF powder and heat-set it; finally, use a heat press to transfer the design onto the desired item. This printing method not only delivers outstanding results but is also versatile across different materials and is cost-effective.

Choosing the Right DTF Film

When shopping for DTF Film, the first thing to consider is the compatibility with your printer and ink. Ensure that the DTF Film you select perfectly matches your printer and ink to achieve the best printing results. Additionally, consider the size of the DTF Film to ensure it meets your printing needs. Before making a purchase, you can consult with our professional technicians at Linko. We offer free technical consultation services to guide you. Selecting the right DTF Film ensures a smooth printing process and satisfactory results.


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