DTFLINKO DA-604 | 24″ UV DTF Printer 4 Epson i3200 Heads

Supports ODM & OEM Customization, Global Supply, Purchase Guidance, and Lifetime Technical Support.

  • Seamless Integration: Experience the convenience of label printing and lamination with automatic rewinding in one machine.Versatile
  • Material Compatibility: Our printer handles a wide array of materials, offering unparalleled flexibility for your projects.
  • No Minimum Order: Start printing with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) limit, perfect for businesses of all sizes.
  • Superior Print Quality: High-density printing ensures exceptional quality and durability for every label.
  • Smooth Printing Experience: Patented Anti-Static Technology eliminates static for flawless printing every time.
  • Enhanced Stability: Double rollers ensure smoother paper feed, maintaining stability and precision.
  • Profitable Opportunity: Dive into sticker production with potential gross margins of 300-400%, turning creativity into profit.