DTFLINKO UDB-604 | 24″ | 4 Epson i3200 Heads 60cm UV DTF Roll to Roll Printer

Supports ODM & OEM Customization, Global Supply, Purchase Guidance, and Lifetime Technical Support.

  1. Versatile Printing Size: Supports a wide format of 60cm (A1, 24 inches), accommodating various project sizes.
  2. High-Quality Print Head: Equipped with four Epson i3200U1 print heads, ensuring sharp and precise prints.
  3. Adjustable Printing Speed and Precision: Offers speeds up to 10m/h with precision settings of 720x1200dpi, 720x1800dpi, and 720x2400dpi, catering to different quality needs.
  4. Comprehensive Color and Finish Options: Capable of printing in CMYKLMLC+W+Varnish+Glue, allowing for a broad range of colours plus varnish and glue for enhanced finishing.
  5. Integrated Manual Laminating: Unique feature for added convenience in the post-printing process.
  6. Versatile Printing Options: Supports a variety of creative printing solutions, including standard AB film, double-sided color AB film, selective foiling, and adhesive print solutions.