DTFLINKO UDA-402 | Dual Epson X600 Head A3 UV DTF Printer for Sale

Supports ODM & OEM Customization, Global Supply, Purchase Guidance, and Lifetime Technical Support.

  • Original EPSON XP600 Print Heads: High-density printing with a long lifespan, ensuring quality and durability.
  • Intelligent Winding System: Features a dual-power intelligent winding system for neat and efficient media handling.
  • Ink Shortage Alarm: Automatic alerts when ink levels are low, ensuring uninterrupted printing.
  • Integrated Printing and Lamination: Streamlined process that allows printing, tearing, and laminating in one seamless operation.
  • LED Lighting: Enhances visibility of printing effects, ensuring precision and quality.
  • Hoson Control Card: Known for its high density and long lifespan, offering reliable performance.
  • Anti-Collision System: Designed to prevent print head collisions, providing better protection for the print heads.
  • Waste Ink Alarm: Alerts when the waste ink container is full, ensuring timely maintenance and clean operation.