Top 5 Best DTF Printers for Small Businesses in 2024

Top 5 Best DTF Printers for Small Businesses in 2024

DTF printers have become one of the most popular printing technologies in 2024. They provide prints of similar quality to DTG prints but at a much cheaper price. (See more differences between DTF and DTG.) This is why DTF printing has taken over the apparel printing industry.

DTF printing works on most fabrics. It lets you customize the fabric to your needs. It is the best choice for printing professionals.

You might be curious about this latest introduction if you are new to the printing industry. Don’t stress out; we are here to tell you about DTF printers and discuss some options so that you can choose the best DTF printer for your small business. So, keep reading this blog to learn about DTF printers and why businesses should use them.

What is DTF Printing?

DTF, short for direct-to-film printing, is a modern printing technique that has taken the world by storm. DTF printers do not require any particular kind of ink or transfer paper. Their use of heat and exclusive digital printing technology makes them unique.

DTF printing is simple. The printer will first print the design onto a thin transparent film. It will then print that design onto the cotton product with the help of heat and an adhesive. Find out more about what DTF printing is and how it works.

This type of printing has numerous benefits. It improves print quality as the ink is directly transferred onto the surface. Moreover, it is much more cost-effective.

DTF printing is convenient for customizing plain T-shirts, other garments, and accessories. It also has a long lifespan.

Why Startups Choose DTF Printing?

Are you starting a new printing or apparel business? If so, why should you choose DTF printing over other traditional methods? One reason it is the favourite option of startups or small businesses is that it is cheap. Moreover, it is less time-consuming, too. It is considered a more profitable printing method. It provides high-quality printing with low startup costs.

DTF printing also saves time because it requires less setup and cleanup. This ensures a faster printing process and lower labour costs and waste. So, it is a popular choice among startups looking to minimize their operation costs and maximize output.

Top 5 Best DTF Printers for Small Businesses

Do you want some recommendations for the best DTF printer for startup? We have the five best DTF printers on our list. We will discuss everything about these printers so that you can decide easily. So, let’s get straight to our best DTF printers.

1. DTFLINKO L402 | Epson-i1600 Dual Head Desktop Roll A3 DTF Printer



  • Very cost-effective
  • Stable printing quality
  • Suitable for individuals and first-time entrepreneurs.


  • Not suitable for mass production


It is the cheapest DTF printer on the list. This printer features 1600 dual-head high-speed printing that provides excellent production quality. So, you get exceptionally high-speed printing on a tight budget and all its innovative features. It has touchscreen printing, LED lights, and front and rear arc heating platform suction.

Moreover, it supports 33CM PET hot stamping printing format. This DTF printer produces ultra-high precision, bright, and firm printing. You get numerous colours with this printer, which gives you design diversity. This is the best DTF printer for small-scale customizations.

2. DTFLINKO H2 A-602 |24″ Dual Heads A2 DTF Printer

DTF Printer A-602


  • Colorful
  • Fast and can meet mass production needs
  • It is suitable for users with specific experience.


  • The price is higher than the A3 DTF Printer.


This is the perfect option if you’re willing to spend more money than the A3 DTF printer to get more advanced features. It is among the most colourful printers, offering printing in eight colours. This printer has a print width of 24 inches, which is suitable for most small-scale print jobs. Moreover, this printer is very straightforward, making it the best DTF printer for beginners.

Another prominent feature of this printer is the computer bracket, which takes up much less space. Therefore, it will suit your startup if you don’t have much space. Some advanced features you might not get with the A3 DTF printer are the automatic moisturizing device, waste and shortage ink alarm, and an automatic powder recycling system. These make it an environmentally friendly option. Moreover, automatic powder recycling and moisturizing significantly reduce labour costs.




  • Affordable
  • High-quality prints


  • Requires practice and skill


The DTFPRO Fusion Model printer might be one of the best at this price. It has numerous advanced features and ensures high-quality prints with intense colours. The Epson engine modified by DTF PRO makes this printer reliable and durable. This printer has countless advanced features that make it stand out. You get the best value for your money with this DTF printer.

This DTF printer’s exceptional features include its vacuum-enhanced printing area. This advanced technology ensures better ink adhesion, providing quality detailed prints and avoiding film buckling. It also features a white ink circulation system and a humidity sensor. Moreover, you can get a hold of this printer quickly because of its efficient and advanced roller system. All these features and a lot more make this printer the best direct-to-film printer for small businesses with tight budgets.

4. DSV DTF Printer A3 L1800 Transfer Printer

DSV DTF Printer A3 L1800 Transfer Printer


  • Simple printing process
  • Exceptional ink flow
  • Great tech support


  • Supports Windows OS only


If you are looking for the best desktop DTF printer, this printer will surely intrigue you. This DSV DTF printer features a roll feeder and a heat station design, making it stand out among its competitors. This efficiently increases the print quality and speed of this printer. One of this printer’s most beneficial and unique features is its white ink circulation system. This system ensures an exceptional ink flow without clogging the print heads. Therefore, you can do all your printing tasks smoothly. It also suits high-volume printing tasks.

Moreover, the software setup is also quite convenient, and customer support is always available for tech support. Overall, the printer provides a hassle-free experience and high-quality prints.

5. 3”Single Head A3 + DTF Printer L1800 Roller

Single Head A3 + DTF Printer L1800 Roller


  • Beginner-friendly use
  • Compact design


  • Complicated software operation


If you want the best DTF printer for t-shirts, this Precolored DTF 330 printer is a considerable option. It comes with PRO RIP printing software that will give you the most professional printing results at an affordable cost. This also ensures the high printing speed that every business, big or small, looks for. The printer features a white ink stirring system and a preheating system for more efficient working and better results.

The Precolored DTF 330 printer also features anti-scratching devices that help you avoid scratching the printhead. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for startups and small businesses with limited working space. Its compact design fits anywhere and causes little mess.

How Does a Small Business Choose a DTF Printer?

The advantages of DTF printers are undeniable, and these benefits have made them popular among small businesses. With these printers, you get high-quality printing at an affordable cost. However, you must consider certain factors to choose the best DTF printer for your small business. Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

1. Determine Your Printing Needs

Before browsing products, you must understand and determine your business’s printing needs. Different types of DTF printers are available on the market. Therefore, you must know what tasks you want your printer to do to fulfil all your printing needs.

2. Compare Printer Models

Various DTF printer models are suited for different printing jobs. They also have varying features and costs. So, make sure you compare different printer models to understand the products in the market. This will enable you to choose the best DTF printer for small businesses.

3. Consider Your Budget

Many companies offer reliable DTF printers, which results in competitive pricing and varying features. So, make sure that you browse products within your budget. You must compare different products to ensure you get the best value for your money.

4. Check Print Quality and Speed

Print quality and speed are the two main features you must look for in your DTF printer. You must look for a printer that produces high-quality and detailed prints at a high speed. This will increase your product quality and your production rate. Therefore, the best DTF printer has good print quality and a high speed.


DTF printing is the new hot topic in the printing industry. With these printers, you can easily make prints of your choice on garments and accessories.

They feature lower product and operational costs than traditional printing, making them the favourite option of startups and small businesses.

If you are starting an apparel business, you will need one of these printers, too. Here’s a guide on how to make custom t-shirts at home.

Make sure that you make the choice vigilantly by considering all the factors.

Your printer should benefit your business by producing high-quality prints cheaply. If you don’t know how to choose or want a quote for a DTF printer, please contact us.

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