DTF Printer Care in Hot Weather: Optimizing Workshop Conditions for Equipment Longevity


Importance of Temperature and Humidity Control in Your DTF Printing Workshop

Due to the recent sustained high temperatures, we at Linko wish to remind you of the critical importance of temperature and humidity control in your DTF printing workshop, along with the regular maintenance of your DTF printers.

Maintaining Optimal Workshop Conditions

It’s essential to maintain a temperature within 25℃-30℃ and a humidity level between 55% and 65% in the DTF printing workshop to ensure optimal operation of your DTF printer.

Prolonging the Lifespan of Your DTF Print Heads

A well-regulated workshop environment and stable voltage significantly extend the lifespan of the DTF print heads.

Avoiding High-Temperature Operation

Be aware that the DTF print heads’ high-temperature operation can severely impact their longevity.

Understanding the Impact of High Temperature on Nozzle Operation

Nozzle operation at high temperatures can seriously impact the lifetime of your DTF printer, potentially even causing smoke and damage to the nozzle.

Consequences of Failing to Meet Temperature and Humidity Standards

Moreover, meeting the temperature and humidity standards in your DTF printing workshop can increase waste and stability in your equipment usage.

Linko: Your Partner in Ensuring DTF Printer Longevity

Stay calm and keep your DTF printers operating smoothly with these hot weather maintenance tips from the Linko team, your trusted business partner.

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