A3+ DTF Powder Shaker & Dryer for Dual Head DTF Printers or Desk | Linko A453

Overall power optimization intelligent control interface

1. Upgrade the operating interface.
Adopting an intelligent blue screen operation panel simplifies previous tedious operations.

2. Upgrade with network
Upgrade the drying tunnel with mesh for long-term use powder does not have a mucous membrane, making the material flow smoother and better for use.

3. Roll up upgrade
We have added a winding system to the new machine that can make the material tighter and tidier.

4. Powder control structure
Adopting a new powder control structure design and adopting a dual-side follow-up gear plate structure new structure can effectively block the loss of powder on both sides of the material
It can maximize the utilization of powder at the same time; it also reduces the number of times workers cycles powder pouring.in our testing.