Warranty Information for LINKO Equipment

Maintenance Category Task
Before You Turn It On Check the Air Pressure: Ensure the air pump’s pressure is satisfactory.
Inspect the Print Platform: Keep it clear of any debris to avoid scratching or damaging the print head.
Look at the Waste Ink Bucket: Check its level to prevent overflow during cleaning.
Ink Check: Make sure the cartridges are full to avoid air shots that can clog or damage the print head.
Scraper Check: Ensure the cleaning mechanism is clean and the scraper is undamaged for optimal ink scraping results.
Before Printing Print Head Status: Print a test to check the condition of the print head; clean if necessary.
Before Turning Off Print Head Status: Confirm the print head is in good condition; clean if needed.
After Shutting Down Print Head Positioning: Check if the print head is correctly sealed to avoid damage.
Daily Checks Dryer Off: Ensure the dryer is turned off and disconnected from power.
The Environment: Maintain a dustfree environment to avoid affecting print layers and ink.
Temperature and Humidity: Keep it at 2530°C and 40%60% humidity.
Printer Cleanliness: Keep the printer and its parts clean from any dust or powder from friction.
Print Head: Move it to a cleaning spot, gently wipe the bottom and sides with a clean cloth and cleaning solution or distilled water to remove ink clots and debris.
Weekly Maintain the Transmission Parts: Lubricate moving parts regularly to reduce noise and ensure smooth operation.
Monthly Ink Path Inspection: Check for any damage in the ink tubes and replace them if necessary.
Quarterly Grating Cleaning: Clean only if necessary with alcohol on a white cloth to avoid affecting print quality.
Guide Rail Check: Listen for any unusual sounds during operation.
Filter Check: Regularly check and clean or replace the filters to prevent clogging.
Clean Ink Cartridges and Waste Ink Bucket: To prevent ink clumping and ensure smooth flow.
Circuit Check: Inspect for any wear and tear on cables and sockets.
Pump Inspection: Check the ink pump for efficiency and replace if needed.
Annually Electrical Box Inspection: Check for any issues and clean out debris.
Computer Cleaning: Dust it off regularly.
Dryer Inspection: Ensure the dryer’s power source and internal parts are in good condition.
Recommended Replacement Cycles Filters, ink bags, scrapers, and ink cores every 3 months.
Ink tubes every year.
Note: Cycles may change depending on ink viscosity and formula. Higher viscosity or corrosive inks may require more frequent replacements.
Other Tips Regularly clean the print head and ink path, especially if the printer is idle.
Perform print head checks and cleanings every three days, then seal it.
Longterm Storage: If the printer won’t be used for over 60 days, clear the ink path, clean the print head with a solution, and store it separately.
Ink Storage: Keep ink in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Opened ink shouldn’t be stored for more than half a month. If ink in cartridges isn’t used up within 20 days, consider replacing it, especially in hot weather.

Limited Warranty

  • Linko provides a 12-month warranty for the core components of all products, including dtf printer, uv dtf printer, and sublimation printer. This warranty also covers dtg printer and ad printer series. Printing consumables such as ink film are not included in the warranty.
  • Our technicians repair non-artificially damaged parts during the warranty period. During this process, Linko technicians provide remote assistance. This includes phone calls, messages, video calls, and remote control. We use these methods to troubleshoot and replace parts.
  • After the warranty period, if parts are damaged, the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost of the parts. Linko’s technicians will continue to provide remote assistance services.
  • Customers can also install the parts themselves or choose other technicians. However, we are not responsible for problems arising from self-repair.

Content Covered

  • Core components of the printer: main board, trolley board, motor 12 months
  • The core components of the powder shaking machine: integrated circuit motherboard, vortex fan, motor 12 months
  • Pressing machine: display screen, heating plate 6 months

Content Not Covered

Hot melt powder, printing ink, DTF FILM and other printing supplies are not covered by the warranty.

If you have any questions after receiving Linko’s products, hardware warranty service will be provided for one year. Technical consulting services will always exist. You can contact us through any online method. We are happy to receive your information.

For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].