Technical Support

  1. Core accessories (mainboard, trolley board, motor, etc.) are guaranteed for 12 months.
  2. A maintenance package is provided with the device, including a supplement of consumable accessories (ink bags, ink tubes, filters, ink pads, etc.).
  3. Support appointment arrangements for technicians to debug and install equipment remotely. Also, support door-to-door service.
  4. LINKO has a 24-person professional after-sales team. They provide nearly 24-hour online technical service. The team is ready to help you solve printing problems immediately one-to-one at any time.
  5. Support free detailed operating instructions and videos.
  6. For agents, we can provide 3/6/12 installment passwords and 1 permanent password.
  7. Customize your printing solution exclusively. You can customize your own machine, including appearance and internal structure adjustments.
  8. Support ICC curve debugging.

Machine Installation Video