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UV DTF printers are widely used to print stickers, logos, ads, decorations, gifts, souvenirs, tattoos, and more. They print quickly and at high resolution for top quality.

We offer a range of models for small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. Our printers are great for cup wraps. Their competitive prices make them the best choice for your printing needs. Startups can check out this UV DTF printer guide.

Linko best UV DTF printer price: $2782-$6954. Please contact our sales team for a detailed quotation.

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UV DTF Printing: Quality Transfers, Streamlined Printing Solutions for Every Project

What can Linko UV DTF Sticker Printer bring to you?

  • No MOQ
  • Low Cost
  • OEM Customization Supported
  • Global Supply
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  • Lifetime Technical Support

Best UV DTF Printer Print Solution:

1. Standard AB Film Printing Solution (Basic AB)

This solution is suitable for basic AB film printing process for standard applications. Supported models: UDY-402, UDA-402, UDS-402, UDT-504, UDY-603, UDT-604, UDS-603, UDB-604

2. Transparent Double-sided Color AB Film Solution (Transparent AB) 

This scheme highlights the process's ability to print double-sided color on transparent materials. Supported models: UDT-504, UDT-604, UDB-604

3. Selective Foiling AB Film Solution (Foil AB) 

This solution combines AB film and partial foil stamping technology, it is suitable for delicate decorative printing. Supported models are UDT-504, UDT-604, UDB-604

4. Selective Foiling Adhesive Print Solution (Adhesive Foil)

This solution highlights the precise adhesive direct spray technology and localized foil stamping application. It can be for high-end and customized printing needs.  Supported models are: UDT-504, UDT-604, UDB-604

Product Match:

UV DTF Printer: AB FILM, UV INK (Glue and varnish), cutter, laminator, printhead.

Supplies Match:

42cm printer consumption: A set of AB film (42cm * 100m) glue, white ink 2KG, varnish (ordinary/hot stamping) 1KG, color ink recommended 500G / 1KG

60cm printer consumption: A set of AB film (60cm * 100m) glue, white ink 4KG, varnish (ordinary/hot stamping) is 2KG, color ink is recommended 1KG / 2KG

UV DTF Transfer Printer Applications

Different from DTF printers, UV DTF printers are upgraded versions of DTF printers.

They use ultraviolet curing technology to achieve high-quality printing on a wider range of materials. This includes plastics, glass, and metals. But it cannot be used on clothing. Specifically, check the differences between DTF printers and UV DTF printers.

Advertising Products:
For different kinds of plastic products, billboards, leather cover notebooks, drawer boxes, mugs, booths and cabinets, and so on;

Craft Production:
Suitable for metal printing, wood, bamboo, glass, ceramics, stone, PVC, etc. It is widely used in making stickers, cell phone cases, puzzles, signs, labels, decorative paintings, and leather goods.

Packaging Products:
Metal gift boxes, paper boxes, plastic boxes, etc.

UV DTF Printer Service Industry

  • Luggage and footwear industry
  • Home furnishing industry
  • Printing industry
  • Personalized customization industry
  • Handicrafts industry, etc.

LINKO UV DTF Service Industry

How Does UV DTF Transfer Printer Work?

What is a UV DTF printer? UV DTF is a new crystal-label printing method.

First, glue, white ink, colored ink, and varnish are printed on special release paper (A film). They are printed layer by layer to form patterns, trademarks, etc.

Then, cover it with transfer film. Use film (B film) to adjust the pattern and put it on the object's surface.

UV DTF transfer prints a new self-adhesive label. The label has a skeletonized, 3D feel.

Introduction to UV DTF process

Benefits of UV DTF Transfer Printer

  1. Crystal labels with UV printing. They resist water, alkalis, abrasion, tears, corrosion, and sunlight. They also resist oxidation. They have excellent performance and a 3D look. They make products feel better. They are better than waterproof, coated, and aluminized paper labels.
  2. The starting quantity is unlimited. Only one printing is needed, and no plates or waste removal is needed. It can be pasted on curved surfaces, cylinders, or planes. This reduces the cost of customization.
  3. The range of applications is particularly broad. It contains household goods, tourism, leisure, office and education, electronics, toys and gifts, etc.
  4. Regarding printing crystal labels, UVDTF uses roll materials well. It does this more efficiently than UV flatbed machines.

Why Does LINKO have the Best UV DTF Printer?

Expert team-LINKODTF

Specialized in Digital Printing for 16 Years

LINKO is the leader in DTF printing and UV DTF printing in China. We have obtained OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT, CE, ROHS, and REACH certifications.
Worry free after sale service DTFLINKO

2-Year Warranty

The machine will have a free warranty for non-man-made damages. It will last 2 years from the purchase date. And provide 24-hour online service and lifelong technical support.
Customization DTFLINKO

OEM Customized Solution

LINKO UV DTF machines support customization. Options include logos, colors, appearance, and features.


Beginner's Starter Kit

This includes a UV DTF machine, UV DTF film, UV DTF ink, RIP software, a cleaning solution, and one-on-one operator training.

UV DTF Printer Cost Analysis

UV DTF printers are a new printing technology. They are fast, have high image quality, and can print on many materials.

They have received widespread attention. However, understanding its cost is also important for users who want to invest in a UV DTF printer.

The cost of UV DTF machines can be mainly divided into the following aspects:

1. Equipment Cost

The price of UV DTF printers varies greatly, ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The main influencing factors include the printer's brand, model, printing format, and accuracy.

In general, printers from famous brands are pricier. Printers with bigger formats and higher accuracy are also more expensive.

2. Consumable Costs

The consumables of UV DTF printers mainly include ink, printing A film, and transfer B film.

Ink costs about 20 US dollars per liter. Printing A film costs about 0.8-1.2 US dollars per square meter. Transfer B film costs about 0.4-0.7 US dollars per square meter.

3. Maintenance and Maintenance Costs

UV DTF printers require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure their normal operation. Maintenance and maintenance costs mainly include replacing the print head. They also include cleaning the nozzle and replacing the filter.

Generally, the XP600 print head costs about 250-310 US dollars. The i3200U1 print head costs about 1014-1056 US dollars. Cleaning the nozzle costs about 0.1 US dollars.

4. Training and technical support

UV DTF printing is a new technology that requires training to use proficiently. We provide free training and technical support when you purchase a LINKO machine.

5. Energy consumption

UV DTF transfer printers need to consume a certain amount of energy when working.

The 30cm model costs about US$17-30/month to power, depending on its power and usage time. The 60cm model costs about US$32-56/month to power. (The calculation above assumes the machine is used 26 days a month and 10 hours daily. The cost range is based on domestic civil and commercial electricity rates.)

6. Space and facilities

UV DTF printers need space and facilities. These include exhaust systems, power sockets, etc. You must estimate their cost based on actual conditions.

7. Follow-up investment

As technology advances, UV DTF printers may be updated. Therefore, users need to consider the cost of subsequent investment.

Therefore, before choosing a UV DTF transfer printer, determine your actual purpose and use.

But don't worry. Consult LINKO, and we will customize it for you. Here are some of LINKO’s sincere suggestions for you when choosing a printer:

  • Choose a cost-effective printer
  • Use original consumables as much as possible
  • Perform regular maintenance and upkeep
  • Choose reliable suppliers

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