[Direct To Film] DTF Printer

DTF(direct-to-film) printing is a digital printing method. It transfers designs from a special film to various surfaces.

The process involves printing the design on the film, applying adhesive, and then pressing it onto the desired cotton fabric. It offers a versatile and efficient printing solution. It can meet the needs of small batches of personalized customization and can also be mass-produced.

LINKO DTF printer: Supports ODM & OEM Customization, Purchase Guidance, and Lifetime Technical Support. Committed to providing the best commercial DTF printer for beginners. Prices range from $1650 to $7700. Please contact our sales team for a detailed quotation.

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LINKO DTF-L402: Desktop Roll A3 DTF Printer for Shirts with Epson-i1600 Dual Head 

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LINKO DTF-A502: A2 DTF Printer (Direct to Film Transfer Printer) with Epson i3200 17″ Dual Head

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LINKO DTF-A602 Series: 24″ DTF Printer for Beginners | Shaker And Dryer | 4 or 8 Colors

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LINKO DTF A-ONE Series A480: A3+ All-In-One DTF Printer with Integrated Shaker and Oven (Direct to Film Printer)

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LINKO DTF A-ONE A650: 24″ All-In-One DTF Printer with Integrated Shaker and Oven (Direct to Film Printer)

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LINKO DTF A604: A1 DTF Printer (Direct to Film)  With I3200 4 Heads

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LINKO DTF-S602: Pro A1 24″ DTF Printer for Small Business with Epson-i3200 Dual Head

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LINKO DTF-S1302: 48″ i3200 Dual Heads DTF Printer (Direct to Film Printer)

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LINKO DTF-S402: A3 DTF Printer With Epson XP600 Dual Heads

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LINKO DTF-S605: A1 i3200 DTF Printer for Shirts With Five Heads

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LINKO DTF-S604: Epson A1 DTF Printer (Direct to Film Printer) with 4 Head i3200

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LINKO DTF-K402: Cheapest Epson DTF Printer Bundle (XP600 Dual Heads Direct to Film Printer)

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LINKO DTF-B602: 24″ Epson I3200 Dual Head DTF Printer for Small Business

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LINKO DTF-B804: 24″ A1 Industrial DTF Printer & Dryer with 4 Heads

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LINKO DTF-D602:  24″ A1 Industrial DTF Printer & Dryer with 4 Heads

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Choose The Best DTF Printer of 2024

Linko’s DTF printers provide a complete DTF setup solution for small businesses. Use Linko to improve your T-shirt business.

Supplies Matching

1 ㎡ = 16 sheets A4 size=16pcs T-shirts (min)
60cm*100m/roll film = 60㎡ = 960 sheets A4 size pattern = 960pcs T-shirt
consumbales minimum qty u'price maximum qty
60cm*100m/roll film: 1 roll 1 $48.00 1
white ink: 2~3kgs 2 $20.00 3
CMYK color ink (total): 1~2kg 1 $18.00 2
Hot melt powder: 2~3kgs 2 $8.00 3
Cost $122.00 $168.00
Apportioned to each A4 cost $0.13 $0.18
Apportioned to each A3 cost $0.25 $0.35
Apportioned to each sqm cost $2.03 $2.8
Apportioned to each 60cm*1meter cost $1.22 $1.68
1 ㎡ = 16 sheets A4 size= 8 sheets A3 size
30cm*100m/roll film = 30㎡ = 480 sheets A4 size pattern = 240 sheets A3
consumbales minimum qty u'price maximum qty
30cm*100m/roll film: 1 roll 1 $35.00 1
white ink: 1~1.5kgs 1 $20.00 1.5
CMYK color ink (total): 0.5~1kg 0.5 $18.00 1
Hot melt powder: 1~1.5kgs 1 $8.00 1.5
Cost $72.00 $95.00
Apportioned to each A3 sheet $0.30 $0.40

We offer a high-efficiency 30-120cm width DTF Printer. The following are the main specifications, models, printing speed, and color range of LINKO DTF:

K402 30cm XP600*2 4pass 8m²/h; 6pass 6m²/h;
8pass 4m²/h
Senyang 4/6colors
A480H 37cm I3200*2 6pass 9m²/h;
8pass 7m²/h
Hoson 4colors
A502 45cm I3200*2 6pass6.5m²/h;
8pass 5.5m²/h
Hoson 4colors
B602 60cm I3200*2 4Pass 13㎡/h;
6pass 10㎡/h;
8Pass 9㎡/h
BYHX 4colors
B8048 70cm I3200*4 4Pass 28㎡/h;
6pass 24㎡/h;
8Pass 20㎡/h
BYHX 4/6/8colors

Three of the Best DTF Printer for Small Businesses

A3 Epson i1600 Dual Heads
A1 Epson i3200 Dual Heads
A1 Epson i3200 4 heads

What Makes DTF Printer a Preferred Choice for T-Shirt Printing?

Reasons why DTF transfer printer is popular

  • Bright colors
  • Clear pattern
  • High degree of design freedom
  • Low cost
  • Suitable for all fabrics

Printing on a T-shirt with a DTF printer only involves 7 straightforward steps:

Prepare images → Set printing parameters → Load PET film → Start printing → Drying and curing → Heat transfer printing → Remove PET film → Complete.

Printed T-shirt production process

What Fabrics Can DTF Printers Work On?

  1. Cotton: Cotton textiles, such as T-shirts, bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, etc.
  2. Silk: Silk textiles, such as silk scarves, silk clothing, pajamas, etc.
  3. Wool: Woolen textiles, such as wool sweaters, cashmere scarves, wool blankets, etc.
  4. Synthetic fibers: Various synthetic fiber materials include polyester, nylon, and spandex. They are suitable for sportswear, swimwear, and outdoor equipment.
  5. Linen: Linen textiles, such as linen fabric, linen home furnishings, etc.
  6. Bamboo fiber: Textiles made from bamboo fiber, such as bamboo fiber towels, bamboo fiber bedding, etc.
  7. Blended fabrics: Blended textiles, such as cotton-linen blend, wool blend, etc.
  8. Special textiles: For example, textiles with special treatments like waterproof materials, flame-retardant materials, etc.

What Industries Do We Serve?

  • Garment Manufacturers and Fashion Designers: Garment manufacturers and fashion designers may choose to buy DTF printers. They use them to add special patterns and designs to their clothing and textiles. This helps them meet the personalized demands of their customers and provides more creative options.
  • Manufacturers and Brand Owners: Manufacturers and brand owners can use the DTF transfer printer to print their logos, labels, or patterns on their products. This adds uniqueness and brand recognition to their products.
  • Advertising and Marketing Agencies: Ad agencies can use DTF printers. They print billboards, banners, and displays to attract a larger audience.
  • Gift and Custom Merchandise Businesses: Enterprises can use DTF printers. They add patterns and text to gifts and custom merchandise. This increases the appeal and uniqueness of their products.
  • Textile Stores and e-commerce Platforms: Textile stores and e-commerce platforms can buy DTF transfer printers. They use them to offer instant customization for their textile products. This draws more customers and boosts sales.
DTF printer application

Product Features

The advantages of DTF over other printing techniques:

  • Linko DTF printing finished products are bright and vibrant, fastness up to grade 5(grade 5 is the highest), and it has become the most popular choice for personalized customization.
  • Compared with DTG or sublimation, DTF has benefited many startups with a low starting investment and short payback period.
  • Cost effectiveness: The cost of single-piece printing can be as low as 0.13 USD, and the sales price can reach 7 USD.
  • Batch printing: capable of quickly printing a large amount of fabric, suitable for mass production.
  • Durability: The printed images are durable, not easily worn or faded, and very suitable for making high-quality clothing.
  • Creativity: You can print any image you want, achieving more design and creativity.
  • DTF printing machines work on many fabric types, like fiber and blended fabrics. This is because DTF technology uses a flexible printing process. It prints patterns on PET film and then transfers them.
  • Printed materials can be improved by using film's special effects. These include luminous, reflective, and temperature-changing effects.
  • High production efficiency: DTF printing is faster, simpler to use, and more efficient, which can shorten the production cycle and improve efficiency.
  • Wide customer range: Without MOQ, even one pattern can be printed, allowing for personalized customized printing. We offer the best DTF printer for small businesses.

How Does DTF Printing Work?

DTF Printer is an advanced printing technology. It prints designs directly on textiles. It utilizes special inks and powders, transferring the image onto the fabric through heat transfer.

DTF Printer offers high-resolution and vibrant colors, allowing for intricate and detailed patterns.

DTF Printer is greener than traditional printing. It uses little water and chemicals.

Also, the DTF Printer is efficient and versatile. It is suitable for many of textiles, such as cotton, silk, wool, and synthetics.

Discover the World's Best Commercial DTF Printer Supplier

Why Choose LINKO DTF Printer?

  1. High resolution and vibrant colors: The DTF Printer achieves high-resolution printing. It has vivid, lifelike colors. This ensures clear, detailed patterns.
  2. Creative freedom and design versatility: The DTF Printer is precise and flexible. It lets designers explore complex patterns and meet many customer demands.
  3. Versatility and flexibility: The DTF Printer works with many textile types, such as cotton, silk, wool, and synthetics, making it useful for a wide range of applications.
  4. Durability and washability: Printed patterns from a DTF Printer are durable after treatment. They resist fading and damage, and are washable.
  5. Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient: Compared to traditional printing methods, DTF Printer uses less ink and powder. This minimizes water and chemical use, making it eco-friendly and energy-efficient.
  6. Quick turnaround time: DTF Printer offers fast printing. It enables quick completion of large orders and cuts delivery time.

Excellent Service Experience

  • Online/Offline Training Support

    After receiving the machine, technicians debug and install it remotely. They provide manuals and videos. If you become our agent, we will provide door-to-door service.

  • Worry-Free Warranty

    Our machine's motherboard and motor are covered under a one-year warranty. If consumables are unopened, the shelf life is one year.

  • Sufficient Stock/Fast Delivery

    We have 100 printers in stock in our warehouse and guarantee fast delivery within two days. Please contact us beforehand for wholesale purchases of DTF printing machines.

Frequently Ask Questions of DTF Transfer Printer

  • What is DTF printing?

DTF stands for Direct-to-Film, which involves a printing process. A meticulously designed pattern is printed onto a media film using an inkjet printer. The white ink layer is applied with hot melt powder before the film is cured with the dryer. Then, the pattern is transferred to the cloth using a heat press machine and physical heat pressing.

DTF printing is useful in many scenarios. It is especially so in the garment and textile industries. It can be used on different clothing materials. T-shirts rank among the most extensively employed items.

  • DTF Printer vs. DTG, which is better?
  1. DTF and DTG are both digital printing processes. Unlike the traditional screen printing process, they are more suitable for the personalization and customization business.
  2. DTF printers must print a mirror image of the pattern on PET film. The print is finally transferred to the garment using a heat www. However, DTG means direct to garment.
  3. DTF is suitable for the majority of fabrics. DTG is only suitable for garments with high cotton content(>80%). You can only use it for tops.
  4. DTF prints faster and more efficiently than DTG.
  • I’m planning to set up a company to print T-shirts. I am very interested in your small DTF machine. Can you tell me the price range and what’s included in the package?

I recommend the L-402 printer. It has dual i1600A1 print heads and a hoson board, and the powder shaker can be either A-400L or A-400.

Price range usd3500-usd4500, you will get a package as below:

  1. A DTF printer easy to operate
  2. A powder shaker saves your labor costs and time
  3. A Smart RIP software helps save ink
  4. A set of consumables including CMYKW 5 colors ink+ Hot melt powder+PET film
  5. A set of instruction manual and guide
  6. An after-sales technique support group

Read more about  DTF printers for startups.

  • How much does a DTF printer cost?

The cost of a DTF printer depends on many factors, including brand, model, features, and production capacity. DTF printers have a wide price range, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

Low-end DTF printers usually cost around a few thousand dollars and are suitable for small print shops or personal use. All our DTF printing series are suitable for small businesses.

Mid-range DTF printers range in price from a few thousand dollars to around ten thousand dollars. They have high printing quality and production capabilities and are suitable for medium-scale printing needs.

High-end DTF printers may cost over $10,000. They have advanced features and high production capabilities. They are for users with mass production and high-quality printing needs.

In addition to the purchase cost, you also need to consider operating costs. These include the price of consumables, like ink and transfer film. They also include the cost of maintenance and upkeep.
Considering these factors, choosing a DTF printer that suits your needs and budget is very important.

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