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DTF transfers are a popular way to print custom designs onto garments, accessories, and other objects. DTF Ink is a type of ink used to create direct-to-film transfers. It is available in a variety of colors and can be used with various printers.

LINKO DTF ink uses the same raw materials as Epson ink and is formulated to prevent clogging. It is designed to work best with specific Epson printheads. Our product works best in these models: 4720, 13200, xp600.

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Thanks to LINKO's cutting-edge DTF (direct-to-film) printing technology, our complete solutions include printers, film, ink, and powder. They offer unmatched convenience, top print quality, and cost-effectiveness in custom printing. This skips the pretreatment needed by DTG printing.

We offer a wide range of ink options. They include some of the best DTF ink available. We also have sublimation, DTG, and UV ink series. All are compatible with systems from Epson, Ricoh, and Seiko.

LINKO is a top ink supplier in China. We are also one of the first suppliers to provide DTF system solutions. DTF pigment ink can print on DTF special adhesive film. Then, you sprinkle it with hot melt adhesive powder and heat it. This forms a transferable layer. Our DTF pigment ink has obtained the "ECO PASSPORT" certification developed by the Swiss OEKO-TEX International Association. Best working environment (temperature 20℃-28℃/68°F-82.4°F, 40%-60%)


DTF Printer Ink for Epson Application

DTF pigment ink can perfectly print on cotton T-shirts, especially black ones.

And in theory, DTF printer ink can be used on almost all fabrics, cotton, polyester, canvas, denim ETC.

By dtf textile pigment ink printing, the hand feels of the printed T-shirt is soft, with good stretchability and resilience.

DTF Ink Aadvantages

  • Self-synthesized dispersant, nanoscale color paste development, inks stability, long shelf life.
  • Unique color paste coating technology enhances print head moisture. It prevents missing nozzles at high-speed.
  • It uses three fine filtrations. It also uses a negative pressure filtration. This makes the ink pure, with no impurities and low oxygen. The ink also has excellent run-ability (2-4 Printheads).